Welcome Bonus account with a $30 bonus instantly

Bull Sphere Welcome Bonus account with a 30 USD bonus instantly, Bull Sphere warmly invites everyone to join them. Simply create an account with Bull Sphere and you will receive a Welcome Bonus without having to make a deposit, giving you a trading account with 30 USD. This bonus is available to withdraw upon trading of a minimum of 3 standard lots.

At Bull Sphere, we’ve made the sign-up process quick and easy. Join us by registering on our website and setting up a trading account. As a reward, you’ll receive a Welcome Bonus account with a generous 30 USD bonus right away.

Terms for Advancement

  • No initial payment is necessary
  • Only one user ID for each Welcome Bonus account
  • Profits are allowed to be withdrawn when opening either a Classic ECN or Standard account type, with a limit of 10 USD for the minimum withdrawal amount.

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It is important to keep in mind:

  • This promotion does not apply to Micro trading accounts.
  • The 30 USD bonus can be withdrawn after trading 3 standard lots in the Welcome Bonus account.
  • For instance , if the balance in a Welcome Bonus account is 40 USD, it is possible to withdraw 10 USD (the 30 USD bonus cannot be taken out until trading 3 standard lots is fulfilled).
  • In the case of insufficient balance for opening orders or if additional funds have been deposited, the 30 USD bonus cannot be taken out due to not reaching the 3 standard lots.
  • If 3 standard lots are traded, the amount shown in the balance can be taken out.
  • If the balance is negative, please contact our customer support through the Line Official Account: @bullsphere.th before funding the Welcome Bonus account in order to reset the balance.

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Welcome Bonus account with a $30 bonus

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