Contest in Celebration of Lirunex 7th Anniversary

To celebrate seven years in business, Lirunex has launched a contest! Click here to take part in the festivities!

To commemorate seven years of providing Forex trading services, the Lirunex broker is offering a 100 USD deposit bonus with the chance to win 7777, 777, and 177 USD cash wallets.

Lirunex’s 7th Anniversary Cash Wallet Bonus may be accessed directly through this promotional link.

What incentives do they provide to their investors?

To commemorate 7 years in the Forex trading industry, the Lirunex broker is organizing a competition to celebrate with their clients. A minimum deposit of 100 USD and a traded lot of 1 will qualify you for the 100 USD deposit bonus. Furthermore, cash wallet prizes of Gold, Silver, and Bronze, valued at 7777, 777, and 177 USD respectively, are also up for grabs. In order to participate in this bonus, one must register an account within the given promotional period, make a minimum deposit of 100 USD, and engage in trading.

What are the essential characteristics?

  • 100 USD Incentive
  • A 7777 USD Reward in Gold Cash
  • A 777 USD Reward in Silver Cash
  • A 177 USD Reward in Bronz Cash
  • Accessible to all traders
  • Accessible for a specified duration

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Discovering how to join the promotion

  • Create a fresh account
  • Put in a minimum of 100 USD for your deposit
  • Commence your trading and wait for the announcement
  • Be rewarded and have a good time

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Conditions of the Yearly Reward

  • The 7th Anniversary Contest of Lirunex Limited, a registered company, is open to certain account types created through the Company Traders Room.
  • Participants must be over 18 and comply with the stated conditions.
  • Accounts not eligible for the contest are excluded.
  • Deposits with no withdrawals during the promotion period will be considered for the Lucky Draw.
  • To be eligible, a minimum deposit of USD 100 and at least one traded lot is required.
  • Winners of the Lucky Draw will be chosen randomly.
  • Trades must have a minimum 3-minute floating time before closing, except when triggered by system events.
  • All trades must be closed before the end of the contest period.
  • Announcement of winners will be made on the 7th day of each month on official channels.
  • Recipients who win may be asked to partake in promotional events.
  • Rewards will be credited within one month after each monthly draw.
  • Suspension and revocation of accounts with suspicious activities by Lirunex is allowed.
  • Participants must agree to the terms and conditions provided.
  • Lirunex reserves the right to take action against abuse or arbitrage detected during trading.
  • Losses due to the contest trading conditions are not the responsibility of Lirunex.
  • The Company’s decisions are final and cannot be disputed.
  • Lirunex reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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