16 Years with the AMarkets Raffle and Coupon Drawing

Enjoy the chance of winning amazing coupons with AMarkets’ 16th anniversary raffle draw!

Commence your trading voyage with the AMarkets Anniversary Raffle Promotion and take advantage of the sixteen Coupons available to receive gifts. Don’t miss out and get your bonus straight away.

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The Annual Draw of AMarkets – What is it?

To honor its 16th anniversary, AMarkets is launching a thrilling giveaway. All traders who sign up in their Personal Area, deposit a minimum of $500 and generate a trading turnover of 1 lot are eligible to win one of the 16 prizes, which include the new iPhone 15 models. The winners will be randomly chosen with the help of a random number generator service, and each trader is only allowed to receive up to 16 coupons. Don’t miss your chance to join the celebration and be one of the lucky winners!

A Look at the Prominent Characteristics of a Raffle Draw

  • In 1st to 4th spots: iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • 5th to 8th spots: iPhone 15 Pro
  • 9th to 12th spots: iPhone 15 Plus
  • 13th to 16th spots: iPhone 15
  • Available to all traders
  • Validity for a specified period

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Methods of participating in the festivities

  • Generate or Sign In to Your Profile
  • Put in at least $500
  • Satisfy Trading Volume Requirements
  • Acquire Coupons
  • Activate coupons via trading 1 lot for each $500 in your deposit
  • Wait for the Prize Giveaway and Secure Your Prize

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Rules for Using an Anniversary Raffle Ticket

  1. An international contest is available to participants 18+ (except in non-serviced countries) from October 2 onwards, for both new and existing clients.
  2. A deposit of $500 or more is required to be eligible for participation, in addition to meeting certain trading turnover requirements.
  3. Clients can be awarded up to 16 coupons depending on the amount of deposit.
  4. A trading turnover of 1 lot per $500 coupon must be met.
  5. Winners will be determined by random draw.
  6. Contest victors become ambassadors of AMarkets, producing content and promoting the company.
  7. The Organizer has the right to change the rules or exclude participants for numerous reasons.
  8. Clients should stay informed of rule changes by contacting customer support or checking the website.

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