No Deposit Risk-free Forex Bonus

Uniglobe Markets with Your $100 No Deposit Forex Bonus

New No-Deposit Bonus from Uniglobe Markets in the Forex Market

Uniglobe Markets are providing a unique bonus of $100 in Forex without requiring a deposit. Get the thrill of trading without having to spend your own money. Don’t miss this opportunity and begin your trading with Uniglobe Markets now!

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Conditions of the Uniglobe Markets $100 New No Deposit Forex Bonus

From the 1st to the 31st of October, an exclusive $100 New Forex No Deposit Bonus will be available to customers in Thailand.

For any withdrawal to be made, it is required to have a trading volume of at least 1,500,000 units (15 Standard Lots).

There must be a minimum of five minutes between the opening and closing of each trade, with a minimum of five pips.

This specific type of $100 Forex Account with a No Deposit Bonus applies a leverage of 1:200 and the minimum trade lot size is 0.05. It is known as an ECN account and there is a commission of $10 per lot.

Uniglobe Markets provides their No Deposit Bonus account holders with a secure No Member Login system. Because of this, customers are unable to access the Client Dashboard with their NDB account.

Verification of the account necessitates a deposit of USD 5, and it is mandatory. After satisfying the prerequisites, the minimum amount permitted to withdraw is USD 50.

Once an initial deposit of USD 5 is made, the maximum profit that can be withdrawn after the turnover requirements have been met is $100. When withdrawing the profits for the first time, all funds, including the $100 New Forex No Deposit Bonus, will be deducted from the account. If a client has fulfilled all the conditions of the No Deposit Bonus, the maximum amount that can be taken out of the earnings is $100, which is the total amount earned after the $300 profit is accounted for.

Regardless of the amount of accounts the customer owns with Uniglobe Markets, the $100 New Forex No Deposit Bonus offer can only be applied to one account per client.

The New Forex No Deposit Bonus of $100 is not eligible for a withdrawal; however, as long as all the regulations stated are fulfilled, then the gains earned from utilizing the bonus money can be taken out.

When the $100 New Forex No Deposit Bonus offer expires on 31st October, withdrawals will only be processed a week later. All accounts that qualify for the offer must have completed the requisite steps of Liking, Sharing, and Commenting on the Uniglobe Markets Facebook page.

Using a different registration to obtain the Welcome Bonus again is strictly forbidden. Additionally, it is against the rules to get the bonus if someone close to you, such as a family member, has already gotten it.

Upon signing up for a trading account in the course of this Offer, the Client affirms that they have read and adhered to these terms and conditions and those of Uniglobe Markets’ General Trading Terms and Conditions. If any unethical trades including EA’s, Arbitrage, or ones with a gap of less than five minutes between opening and closing, are detected in a Trading Account, then Uniglobe Markets has the right to disable the Account and/or reject/cancel those trades.

For the offer to be valid, customers must confirm their trading account profile is completely verified according to the general rules and regulations for opening an account with Uniglobe Markets.

If Uniglobe Markets has cause to think that any client, either alone or in a group, has not stuck to the terms and conditions of this deal, they are allowed to (i) not grant, give or pull back the bonus (ii) to stop the Client’s account to end the Client’s access to Uniglobe Markets facilities to end the arrangement between Uniglobe Markets and the Client’s account (v) to invalidate any profits earned by misusing the terms and conditions.

Uniglobe Markets has the authority to make any modifications, adjustments, or end this offer along with its terms and conditions and policies at any given time without requiring authorization from the customer.

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