Tradable Forex Deposit Bonus

20% Tradable Forex Deposit Bonus from Uniglobe Markets

Get a 20% tradable forex deposit bonus from Uniglobe Markets and maximize your trading potential. Learn how to take advantage of this exciting offer and boost your trading account.

Promotional Link 20% tradable forex deposit bonus

Uniglobe Markets is offering a lucrative 20% Tradable Bonus to both new and existing clients, with a credit bonus of up to $2000

Tradable Forex Deposit Bonus Benefits of Promotion:

  • Enjoy a 20% Credit Bonus when you sign up!
  • Get up to $2000 added to your account.
  • We have been in the market for over 7 years and have over 100K happy clients.
  • With 4.7 star ratings, you can leverage your account and get higher margin levels.
  • We have 150K+ followers on Facebook and provide multiple funding options.
  • Our bonus is tradeable and withdrawable and is available for all account types.
  • This offer is eligible for both new and existing customers and is durable for an unlimited amount of time.

What is the process to take advantage of the Deposit Bonus?

  1. Register with Uniglobe Markets, creating an account
  2. Put in at least $100 USD
  3. Receive the 20% Forex Bonus and kick off your trading expedition
  4. Generate returns and hit the needed trading lots to take out your profits

Rules and Regulations concerning the Credit Bonus:

  1. A 20% Credit Bonus is valid for 60 days from when the deposit is made.
  2. The minimum amount to deposit in order to be eligible for the promotion is $100.
  3. Leverage restrictions are limited to a maximum of 1:200.
  4. The maximum bonus per account is up to $2000.
  5. By opening a trading account, the individual is agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure.
  6. After the completion of the 60 day period, the bonus will be removed.
  7. Internal Transfers are not available in this promotion.
  8. The maximum Leverage has been set at 1:300 for this campaign.
  9. The bonus must be requested within 5 business days of the deposit.
  10. Those who deposit up to $2000 can achieve the 20% bonus.
  11. Only one account per client is allowed for the bonus.
  12. The broker can remove the bonus at any time, and withdrawal requests must be submitted.
  13. MetaTrader 5 is available with this promotion.

Tradable Forex Deposit Bonus, Unlock the potential of your forex trading with a 20% tradable deposit bonus from Uniglobe Markets. Learn how you can boost your trading capital and maximize your profit potential with this exclusive offer.

Tradable Forex Deposit Bonus from Uniglobe Markets

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