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Forex Welcome Rewards in Receive a Maximum of $500

Forex Welcome Rewards in Greeting Offer – matching the amount of your opening deposit (up to $500). It is added automatically. Profits may be withdrawn without restrictions, and the reward itself can be taken out once the necessary trading turnover is accomplished.

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Benefits of a Welcome Bonus

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A speedy procedure to acquire a bonus is available.

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An automatic credit will be applied to the initial deposit.

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A bonus of up to $500 is available.

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Once the stipulated turnover is achieved, the bonus can be taken out. Any profits can be removed with no restrictions.

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Robots and any sort of strategies are permissible in trading, including scalping and arbitrage.

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The Welcome Bonus is everlasting in its validity.

A guide to obtaining the Welcome Bonus is presented here.

Create an account and get access to a regular trading platform

The replenishment form offers the option to select the “Enroll Welcome Bonus”.

Forex Welcome Rewards in Agreements and Regulations

This document outlines the conditions and requirements that must be followed. It should be read carefully to avoid any misunderstandings. It is important to note that these terms and conditions are subject to change and will be updated periodically. Those who continue to use the services are expected to keep up to date with any changes. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in suspension or removal of access to the services.

  1. The Welcome Bonus of up to $500 is only applicable to the following account types: Classic+, DirectX, or xPRIME.
  2. The Welcome Bonus can only be issued upon making the first deposit of no less than $50. To do so, tick the “Enroll Welcome Bonus” option in the replenishment form.
  3. The amount of the bonus is equivalent to 100% of the deposited sum, however, it cannot be higher than $500 (or its equivalent in the account currency).
  4. Profits may be withdrawn at any point, but the Welcome Bonus may only be pulled out after the required trading turnover has been achieved. This can be calculated using the following equation: Required Turnover = Welcome Bonus in USD * 50,000.


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A trader added $200 to their account and were granted a Welcome Bonus of the same amount. The Needed Turnover for the bonus is an equivalent of 44 lots of EURUSD in MetaTrader, which would be equal to $10,000,000 in turnover of the original deposit of $200.

  1. The trading turnover is determined as the aggregate of all transactions that are associated with both initiating and liquidating positions.


A BUY position was opened on one lot of EURUSD (where one lot is equivalent to 100,000 EUR) with an opening price of 1.1257 and a closing price of 1.1283. The total trading turnover is calculated by adding the product of the lot size and the opening price, plus the product of the lot size and the closing price, which sums up to 225,400 USD.

The sale of five lots of USDJPY (with each lot equal to 100,000 USD) was opened at 109.806 and then closed at 109.352. The turnover for the trade was 1,000,000 USD, which was the sum of 500,000 USD x 1 plus 500,000 USD x 1.

For a 3.5 lots-position of GBPUSD (with each lot equalling 100,000 GBP) opened at the price of 1.2978 and closed at 1.2985, the turnover was calculated to be 908,705 USD. This was calculated by taking (350,000 * 1.2978) and adding it to (350,000 * 1.2985).

  1. If the equity falls to or below the credit, the Welcome Bonus will be annulled. As a result, all trades will be closed out (stop out).

Example Get the Forex 100% Deposit Bonus:

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A trader deposited $500 and received a Welcome Bonus of the same amount. In the instance that the equity goes down to the same initial amount, the Welcome Bonus will be annulled and all positions will be terminated (stop out).

  1. If a Welcome Bonus is active on the account, the amount available for withdrawal will be calculated using this formula: Available for withdrawal = Free Margin – Welcome Bonus – Deposit amount for which Welcome Bonus has been given.
  2. To get rid of the withdrawal limitations, the Welcome Bonus can be canceled in the Personal Area at any point. This will cause the bonus amount to be deducted.
  3. The details on the Welcome Bonus are available in the Personal Area, which includes the required and current turnover.

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