FirewoodFX with Receive a $50 Free Welcome Bonus

With the $50 Welcome Bonus, traders can try out the FirewoodFX platform in a genuine trading atmosphere without any risks. The earnings made from the bonus can be taken out. There is no requirement to make a deposit in order to begin trading.

All traders who open an account with FirewoodFX Mobile App are eligible to take part in this offer.

FirewoodFX has made available their Mobile App and are offering a bonus for anyone who downloads it. Grab your bonus now by clicking here!

FirewoodFX Tips for Earning Extra Rewards

  1. Get the FirewoodFX Mobile App and install it
  2. Create an account and select the Bonus account option
  3. Submit the necessary identification document for account verification
  4. If the verification is successful and the account is eligible, the bonus will be granted.

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Rules and Regulations

  1. A starting balance of USD 50 will be available for bonus accounts.
  2. The Welcome Bonus is offered to new clients.
  3. Bonus accounts will access FirewoodFX ECN pricing. The maximum lot per order is 0.01, while the maximum open position is 5. Expert Advisors cannot be used.
  4. Profit can be withdrawn within 60 days of the bonus being credited, after:
  • Closing two eligible lots, and
  • Receiving trading volume from four Welcome Bonus Clients.
  1. To be calculated, trades must be closed at more than 5 pips (or less than -5 pips). For XAU, this is equivalent to USD 5. Only Forex and Gold symbols will be taken into consideration.
  2. The withdrawal amount is USD 50.
  3. A KYC document needs to be verified in order to request a withdrawal.
  4. The bonus account will be terminated 60 days after the bonus is credited. Afterwards, trading and withdrawal will no longer be possible.
  5. If no closed transactions are made within five days, the bonus account will be terminated.
  6. Partner rebates are not available on bonus accounts.
  7. If deposits are made to bonus accounts, the existing equity will become credit and be considered as a “deposit bonus” under the Deposit Bonus Promotion terms and conditions.
  8. With deposits made to bonus accounts, selfie verification is no longer mandatory. Withdrawal restrictions and trading volume (lot) and referral requirements are also removed. However, trading conditions (spread, leverage, maximum open trade and maximum trade size) remain unchanged.
  9. Credit obtained from bonus transfers can be withdrawn as cash after meeting certain trading volume requirements, according to the Deposit Bonus Promotion terms and conditions.
  10. Deposits made to bonus accounts are also eligible for the Deposit Bonus, as outlined in the Deposit Bonus Promotion terms and conditions.
  11. If FirewoodFX suspects that a client is abusing the promotion or acting in bad faith, the company reserves the right to reject the bonus claim and/or terminate the bonus account.
  12. If FirewoodFX suspects that a client is hedging his position internally (using trading accounts in FirewoodFX or other brokers) or conducting so-called trading balance, the company reserves the right to terminate the bonus and/or the profit from the winning account without the client’s consent.
  13. Clients can cancel their bonus at any time. Once cancelled, it cannot be reinstated.
  14. FirewoodFX can reject bonus applications at any time without prior notification or providing reasons for said decision.
  15. The company can also cancel a client’s bonus at any time without prior notification.
  16. Any situation not described in these rules is subject to FirewoodFX’s decision.
  17. FirewoodFX reserves the right to change, update, or cancel this promotion by notifying news from the company.
  18. This promotion ends on August 31, 2023. Accounts registered after that period will not be eligible for the bonus.

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FirewoodFX $50 No Deposit Welcome Bonus

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