Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus Account from OXShare

Forex No Deposit When you open a real account with OXShare, you get a $30 non-withdrawable trading bonus. This enables you to evaluate the products and services without having to make an initial deposit. Furthermore, any profits made from the account may be withdrawn according to the terms and conditions.

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What are No Deposit trading bonuses?

Traders can experience our trading execution with no financial risk through the $30 trading bonus. Once the bonus is claimed, the funds will be credited to your account immediately. Any earnings from trading can be taken out at any time, depending on the terms and conditions.

Who has the right to assert this?

Any trader who is opening an OXShare account for the first time can use this promotion. Alongside this offer, there are plenty of other incentives to take advantage of. Specifically, a one-time $30 welcome bonus.

Forex No Deposit, The table below outlines the process of profiting from the welcome bonus No Deposit Trading Bonus Amount | Deposit Amount | Profit achieved by trading with the Trading Bonus | Balance available | Amount of withdrawal requested

Forex No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

1- Expert Advisors (EAs) are not allowed to be used in Welcome Accounts.

2- Exisng customers cannot apply for a No Deposit welcome account.

3- Each client can only open one Free welcome account.

4- The welcome account has trading condions similar to the real account.

5- The Welcome Account is available for trading from the starng date of the trading ll endof the current year. Once the last day of the year has passed, trading will be disabled but the welcome account will sll be available for 3 addional days to claim the earned profits.

6- The Welcome Account is available in USD.

7- The Forex Free Welcome Account is created automacally aer the customer completes theregistraon form on the web page and approves the request. Login details will be automacally sent to the email address provided on the registraon form. Please note that these credenals may only be used to create a welcome account, not to access the customer area.

8- An inial free $30 Free deposit is automacally credited to the Welcome Account. OXShare reserves the right to refuse the bonus request or block the welcome account, if there is a paral or complete match of the IP address or other signs of the Free Forex welcome accounts belonging to the same person.

The Forex No Deposit Welcome Account profit will be credited to the balance of the wallet owned by OXShare (regulated by ifc) and can be withdrawn instantly using any of the available withdrawal opens available in the client area.

Forex No Deposit Bonus OXShare

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