$50 Credit Bonus from XTrend with No Required Deposit

Unlock a fantastic opportunity with XTrend and get a $50 credit bonus – no deposit required! Experience the world of online trading with one of the leading platforms in the industry. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and start trading today with extra funds in your account. Don’t miss out on this exciting chance to boost your trading journey with XTrend!

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How to earn non-deposit credit?

Open trading an account

Verify your account Profile

Complete the tasks and claim a non-deposit credit of up to $50

XTrend No Required Deposit Detailed rules

XTrend Credit Valuation: One credit is equivalent to $1.

Withdrawal Prohibited: Credit cannot be exchanged for cash or converted into real money; it is to be used only for trading.

Earning Opportunities: Credit can be earned by performing tasks in the Task Center, buying a XTrend Speed membership card, participating in welfare activities, and inviting friends.

XTrend Maximum Credit Amount: New users can receive up to $50 in non-deposit credit.

Product Restrictions: Credit cannot be used to trade products with a deposit requirement beyond $100 per lot.

Inactivity Policy: If the XTrend Speed app is not opened for 7 days in a row by a non-paying user, the unutilized credit will be automatically closed.

Credit Separation: Credit balances are kept apart from users’ account balances or equity balances.

Profit Conversion to Real Money: If a user makes profits while trading with credit, the entire profit amount will be transferred to their actual account balance as real money.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer from XTrend! Get a $50 credit bonus with no required deposit. Start trading in the financial markets with confidence and take advantage of this limited-time promotion. Sign up today and claim your bonus to kickstart your trading journey with XTrend.

Credit Bonus from XTrend with No Required Deposit

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