ATFX Jackpot

ATFX Jackpot Crack the Lucky Number and Win the Bonus

Participate in the ATFX Jackpot to have a chance at cracking the lucky number and winning a big bonus. Learn about the exciting weekly jackpot and how you can participate to increase your chances of winning.

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Trade and win the Weekly Jackpot of $3,000 to kickstart 2024, Start your new year by winning the prize for good fortune! Trade & match the closing price to get the additional bonus every week now.

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The ATFX Jackpot will run for 13 consecutive weeks until 31 March. Grab the chance to win the Jackpot now!

ATFX Jackpot 2024

Be a new or existing ATFX client with an MT4 account(s) under “ATFXGM8-Live” Server, opened on or before the campaign period.

During the campaign period, each trading order of 0.1 lots or more is eligible for participation.

Each stage (13 weeks in total) has a Jackpot bonus of US$3,000, shared among all winners. The winners will be determined by matching the Closing Price of each trading order with the Lucky Number announced on ATFX’s social media channels. The bonus amount varies each week based on the number of winners. If there are no winners in a particular week, the bonus amount rolls over to the next week.

Winners will receive an email notification every Wednesday. To claim the prize, they must respond within 5 days with a short 15-second video sharing their winning experience and a positive comment about ATFX. Failure to respond will result in forfeiture of the prize.

The cash bonus is transferred to the winner’s MT4 account within 7 working days after receiving the winner’s video.

ATFX Jackpot for a chance to crack the lucky number and win exciting bonuses. Join the weekly jackpot and increase your chances of winning big.

Join and win the ATFX Jackpot

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