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What is the GWX Forex Welcome Deposit Bonus?

Those who take advantage of this bonus can reap the profits and withdraw them. Make the most of this opportunity to secure your future.

Forex 30% Welcome Bonus: Click Here!

At greenwavex, we are offering a limited-time 30% welcome bonus for new customers who open a $5,000 account, which is equivalent to an extra $1,500. However, several conditions must be met in order to be eligible to withdraw the bonus. The trading volume must reach 10,000 times the bonus amount, and the full bonus must be repaid before any funds can be withdrawn. The submission of the required documents is necessary to receive the bonus, and the company may cancel the promotion at any time. This bonus is not influenced by the number of transactions in different sectors. Additionally, inactive accounts for three months or more may have bonus funds deducted, and any suspicion of fraudulent bonus-related activities may lead to the cancellation of trading results. Special bonuses may be offered to specific clients upon request, with minimum trading volumes determined by the bonus value.

GWX Strategies for Participating in the Welcome Bonus

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Regulations of the GWX Demo Competition

The details of the offer are outlined in the description, but if you’d like to learn more, please head over to the promotion page to take advantage of the bonus.

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