Eurotrader No Deposit Welcome Bonus

TemplerFX $30 Bonus Without Deposit Requirement

The question of how to obtain a TemplerFX no-deposit bonus can be answered quite simply. All one has to do is search for the bonus and then fulfill the requirements to receive it.

Are you apprehensive of losing your capital when trading in the foreign exchange market?

Start trading with a powerful bonus – TemplerFX No Deposit Bonus 30$! You don’t have to put money into your account to begin trading as TemplerFX offers you a free initial capital.

It is possible to acquire the No Deposit Bonus. What steps are required to get it?

A trader can begin trading on the Forex market without investing a start-up capital thanks to the No Deposit Bonus which is a fixed amount of money, granted after signing up for the TemplerFX Members area. Verifying the account in the Members area is a simple process and does not take a lot of time.

In order to receive the No Deposit Bonus, one must not have any existing registration in the Members area.


In order to access the Members area, an account must be created.

The second step is to verify that the process is accurate.

The process of verifying your account is quite straightforward. You must confirm your email and cell phone number, and provide a scanned copy of your passport or another form of identification to demonstrate your identity and address in the Verification tab of the Client Cabinet.

In a maximum of 72 hours after you submit your application, you will be notified if you have been granted a higher level of trustworthiness on your account.


Once registration and authentication are finished, you should press the “Request NDB $30” button in the “Bonus” section of the Members area. The organization holds the right to decline to give the set No Deposit Bonus amount to your account.


Subsequent to trading volume (i.e. buying and selling trades) exceeding 5 lots, traders can take out both their No Deposit Bonus and any profits they have made. All of the bonus sum is available for withdrawal, not just a part of it.

Before accepting the bonus, please read the Bonus Agreement as its use is subject to some restrictions.

This is a contract that stipulates the terms regarding a no deposit bonus.

  1. TemplerFX customers are eligible to receive a No Deposit Bonus once, which is not compatible with other bonuses.
  2. The No Deposit Bonus is only available for accounts that have completed full verification.
  3. Profit and Bonus itself can only be withdrawn and internally transferred after the necessary trading volume requirements are fulfilled.
  4. The Bonus is activated in the applicant’s Member’s area, and valid for 30 days. If the conditions of the offer aren’t satisfied, the bonus will be cancelled.
  5. Once the required turnover has been reached, trading must stop and the profit made transferred to a real trading account. This will remain until a deposit is made, and then the combined funds can be withdrawn or used for further trading.
  6. To withdraw the profit earned from the Bonus, the client must meet the terms listed below:

For TemplerFX NDB accounts, a total of 5 lots of trading is required.

The total limit of open positions that can be held on an NDB account is 0.3 lots at the same time.

Confirm the validity of a debit/credit card;

Within 30-day timeframe, a minimum deposit of 10 USD must be made to receive the bonus.

The maximum sum that can be taken out of an NDB account is capped at 100$. Any amount higher than that cannot be transferred to the live trading account and cashed out.

TemplerFX Bonus Without Deposit Requirement

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