No Deposit Risk-free Forex Bonus

ONEBID ASSET Offers $50 Welcome Bonus with No Deposit

A $50 Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus is available through ONEBID ASSET. Take the initial step into the world of forex trading without putting your own funds at stake, thanks to ONEBID ASSET offer of a $50 no deposit welcome bonus for new traders. This is an excellent chance to launch your trading career and potentially make genuine profits. Sign up now and make sure to redeem your bonus!

$50 Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus can be accessed directly through this promotional link

Submitting your identity to open a Live Trading Account is necessary. To request a $50 No Deposit Bonus prior to ordering, contact Support.

A Promotion for Newcomers of $50 in Forex Trading with No Deposit Required

The website greets visitors with a bright, inviting image and a visible message of welcome. This image is sure to create a warm feeling of acceptance for those who visit.

The Promotion will be running from 17th October to the end of the year on 31st December.

Only those who have been validated as customers of the Company (both individuals and businesses) are allowed to take part in the promotion.

In order to secure the Welcome Bonus, the following steps must be completed:

To start, signing up on the ONEBID website and going through the verification process is required.

When it comes to starting a real trading account, one can take their pick from three options: NANO, STANDARD, and ECN.

No deposits of any kind are allowed to be made into any trading accounts.

Clients must provide their trading account number to an employee when they reach out via any method in order to get the Welcome Bonus from the Company.

Should a client have opened a trading account before the onset of this Promotion and did not deposit any money, they can still qualify for the Welcome Bonus.

The Promotion includes a ONEBID ASSET Offers Welcome Bonus of 50 USD.

Throughout the period of the Promotion, regardless of the number of trading accounts the Customer holds, the Welcome Bonus will be received only once.

The ONEBID ASSET Offers Welcome Bonus can be used for trading, but it cannot be withdrawn until it is traded. The Welcome Bonus is indicated in the “Credit” part of the trading account.

ONEBID ASSET Offers An extra saving:

The Welcome Bonus must be traded in 3 lots on currency pairs and metals within 30 days in order for the amount to be moved from the “Bonus” column to the “Balance” column and be made available for withdrawal. Volume traded only counts when it comes to currency pairs and metals.

At the end of a cycle, the level of trading is taken into account. Therefore, when an exchange of one lot is initiated and then finished, the entire traded amount comes to one lot.

After thirty days from when the Welcome Bonus was initially credited, should the Client have not reached the necessary trading volume, the Bonus shall be removed.

If the Client does not comply with the rules of the Promotion, the total Welcome Bonus will be taken from their account ahead of time.

This Welcome Bonus from this Promotion is solely intended to increase the funds of the Client for trading. In order to prevent any type of abuse of the Promotion’s terms, the Company reserves the right to reject the Welcome Bonus or cancel it with no prior notice. This might occur if the Company has an inkling that an individual has multiple connected Personal Accounts and has received the Welcome Bonus.

By participating in The Forex No Deposit Bonus Promotion and claiming the Welcome Bonus, the Client is confirming that they have read and agreed to the Promotion’s terms and that they pledge to not make any complaints to the Company in regard to the application of the Welcome Bonus or the action taken by the Company in line with these terms.

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Welcome Bonus with No Deposit Required from ONEBID ASSET Forex

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