ONEBID ASSET $50 Free Forex No Deposit Bonus offer

Get started in the exciting world of Forex trading with ONEBID ASSET’s $50 No Deposit Welcome Bonus. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to kickstart your trading journey without risking your own funds. Sign up today and start trading with confidence!

The ONEBID ASSET Welcome Bonus runs from October 17th, until December 31st

Verified Clients of the Company (both individuals and legal entities) are eligible to avail of the promotion.

In order to take advantage of the Welcome Bonus, you must do the following:

In order to use the ONEBID website, one must register and go through the verification process.

Selecting from NANO, STANDARD or ECN, open a real trading account.

Do not put any funds into any of the offered trading accounts.

To receive the Welcome Bonus, contact the Company via any of the available methods and provide the employee with your trading account number.

The Welcome Bonus is available to any client who has opened a trading account prior to the commencement of the Promotion, even if no deposits have been made.

The Promotion has a ONEBID ASSET Forex Welcome Bonus offer of an amount of 50 USD.

During the Promotion period, the Client will only be granted the Welcome Bonus offer one time, regardless of how many trading accounts they own. Requests to credit the bonus will be processed during the business days, from 9:00 PM to Midnight (EET) on the ONEBID MetaTrader5 server.

7. After being credited to the trading account in the “Credit” column, the Welcome Bonus will be removed from the trading account thirty days from the time of it being credited.

8. The Welcome Bonus, along with the resultant profit, can be used for trading in their entirety. In order to be able to withdraw the profit, however, the trader must have traded a minimum of 5 lots within 30 days of the Bonus being crediting. The trading volume is taken into account only for currency pair and metals instruments.

Once the full cycle of trading is finished, it is taken into account that a lot has been exchanged. Therefore, when a transaction is initiated with a quantity of 1 lot and is then finalized, the amount that has been exchanged is also 1 lot.

30 days after the Welcome Bonus is credited to a Client’s trading account, the Bonus amount is removed from their account.

10. If the Client has violated the rules of the Promotion, the Welcome Bonus will be withdrawn from the account entirely and ahead of its previously scheduled timeline.

11. The Welcome Bonus of this Promotion is only for the purpose of increasing the Client’s capital for trading. In order to stop any abuse of the stipulations of the Promotion, the Company keeps the right to not give the Welcome Bonus or to take it back without prior notice at its own discretion. Such steps may be taken by the Company, including if there are suspicions that a Welcome Bonus has been given to one individual managing multiple connected Personal Accounts.

The Client acknowledges that they have perused and concur with the terms of this Promotion, accepting the Welcome Bonus, and promises not to present any grievances with respect to the rules for utilizing the Welcome Bonus or the activities taken by the Company in agreement with these regulations.

Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus offer ONEBID ASSET

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Remember that financial trading always carries risks, and it’s crucial to be aware of these risks before engaging in any trading activities. Additionally, ensure that you are using a reputable and regulated platform like ONEBID ASSET to protect your investments.

Start trading Forex with a head start! ONEBID ASSET is offering a $50 No Deposit Welcome Bonus to kickstart your trading journey. No initial investment required – simply sign up and claim your bonus today. Don’t miss this opportunity to trade the financial markets risk-free and potentially profit from your trades. Sign up now!

ONEBID ASSET Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus

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