Forex Trading Credit

Moneta Markets Offers a 50% Bonus on Forex Credits

Take your forex trading to the next level with Moneta Markets 50% Credit Bonus! You will be rewarded for each deposit made and can take advantage of a higher account balance. Take advantage of this special offer while it’s still available and start trading with Moneta Markets today!

By investing and trading more, you can get more cashback!

When you add $500 or more to your live account, we will reward you with a 50% bonus. This bonus can be transformed into real money when you start trading in FX, Gold, or Oil!

If you want to reap the rewards, start trading! To begin, open a live account, make a deposit and apply for the cashback bonus in the client portal. The more you trade, the more cashback you can get!

  • Are you interested in claiming a 50% Bonus and converting it to real money?
  • To do so, first open and deposit at least $500 into a live account
  • Next, start trading in Forex, Gold, or Oil in order to make your bonus available as cash
  • Finally, you can redeem your cashback at the beginning of every month

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What’s the Process for Joining the Cashback Promotion?

Customers of Moneta Markets who possess a valid trading account must “submit” an application to receive their first Bonus Credit amount from the Moneta Markets Client Portal. To do this, they must click “Apply for Bonus” in the Bonus Wallet located on the main page of the Client Portal, select the “Apply” button from within the “Your Current & Historical Earnings” table, and then agree to the terms and conditions. All subsequent Bonus Credits earned on qualified deposits will automatically be credited.

Can you explain what Bonus Credits are?

For eligible deposits of $500 or more, Bonus Credits are earned at a rate of 50% per deposit and stored in your Bonus Wallet. When trading on any FX, Gold, or Oil products, these Bonus Credits will be converted into real Cashback.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your Forex trading with Moneta Markets’ 50% Credit Bonus. This exclusive offer is limited, so sign up now and boost your profits with this generous bonus program. Take advantage of this opportunity to amplify your trading power and get the most from your investment.

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