Forex Free Welcome Rewards

Guidelines for Enabling Forex Free Welcome Rewards

To support traders, Trendo consistently presents captivating reward programs. The below image outlines the conditions necessary to activate a Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus.

Forex Free Welcome Rewards First-time users of Trendo Forex Broker who accumulate points and reviews on either Google Play or the App Store will have the privilege of having a bonus account with a generous $10 No Deposit Bonus welcome gift.

The AI of Trendo will inspect the Bonus activation, and the bonus account will be turned on automatically by the system if the bonus activation standards are fulfilled, and customers will not be permitted to oppose the deactivation of the free forex bonus account.

Trendo Broker is able to take away any bonus account which is being misused if a person attempts to open a fresh account with different details in order to misuse the gift given for the first time. Each user is only allowed to use the welcome bonus once.

Forex Free Welcome Rewards Terms for Withdrawing from a Bonus Account

Users can trade in the bonus account for a period of one month if they make their first transaction with this account, be it immediate or dependent on something.

If a user is able to make at least 200 pips of profit in their bonus account during the course of a week, they are able to take out their winnings or move it to the actual account after four weeks.

The Gregorian calendar indicates that there are four weeks and a few days left in the month. It is essential that the trader earns at least 200 pips in the remaining days of the week to make sure that the proportion of the week is taken into account.

Only a 0.01 lot size should be used when trading in the forex no deposit bonus account.

If the trader ceases trading or only trades for a month, they will not be able to withdraw from the bonus account, even if they obtained a weekly gain.

One month after the first transaction in the bonus account, Trendo support will carry out the calculation of the profit and verify the right to withdraw funds from the account. It is not possible to do this before this time period.

Forex Free Welcome Rewards The limit for taking out money from the bonus account is set at a maximum of $200.

Trendo Company retains the right to modify the rules related to the bonus account without giving prior warning. Any alterations to the terms and regulations will be made available on the Trendo Broker website.

Trading in the forex no deposit bonus account

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