Firewood Global Ltd 88% Deposit Bonus Promotion

Get up to 88% Bonus on Your Deposit

Deposit Bonus Receive a reward of up to 88% when you make a deposit.

A picture of an enticing bonus deposit offer is displayed, with the caption of 88.

Deposit Bonus Guidelines for Advertisements:

  1. Every account type is eligible for this campaign.
  2. The minimum deposit to be eligible for the bonus is USD 10. Internal Transfer deposits are not accepted.
  3. If the deposit is below $100, the client can pick between a 20% deposit bonus or a 50% deposit bonus. For deposits of $100 or more, the client can pick one of the three bonuses: 20%, 50%, or 88%.
  4. To claim the bonus, the client must go to the Client Cabinet » Account » Bonus Claim section and choose which bonus they would like to receive.
  5. The bonus can be claimed within 24 hours of the deposit. It is recommended to claim the bonus as soon as the deposit is processed in the trading account.
  6. Clients are able to claim bonuses from multiple deposits. Each deposit bonus is considered to be a separate bonus.
  7. The highest amount of bonus per trading account is USD 10000.
  8. The bonus will be credited to the trading account as Credit and can be used as an additional margin when opening a position.
  9. After closing a certain amount of lots, the client can withdraw the bonus:
  10. For Standard, Premium, and ECN account types: (Bonus amount in USD / 2) lots.
  11. For Micro account types: (Bonus amount in USD / 0.2) micro lots.
  12. For Cent account types: (Bonus amount in USD / 0.02) cent lots. This is equivalent to (Bonus amount in CENT / 2) cent lots.
  13. The lot calculation will be based on a first-in-first-out basis. The lot calculation will be done with the earliest bonus.
  14. Only trades opened and closed after the bonus has been credited are eligible.
  15. Only trades closed with a difference of more than 5 pips (or less than -5 pips) are eligible. For XAU the value is 5$, for BTCUSD it is 50$, and for CFD the number of points is equivalent to 5 pips on EURUSD standard lots.
  16. The required volume must be traded within a period of 60 calendar days from the date the bonus was credited. After 60 calendar days, the bonus will be canceled.
  17. If the equity is less than the credit, the bonus will be canceled.
  18. Due to the credit in the trading platform, the client may not receive a margin call notification.
  19. The partner will still get the full rebate amount.
  20. The client can cancel the deposit bonus at any time. Once the deposit bonus is canceled, it can not be reinstated.
  21. FirewoodFX can reject the client’s bonus application(s) at any moment without providing prior notification or reasons for their decision.
  22. FirewoodFX can cancel a client’s bonus at any point in time without notifying them beforehand.
  23. Any situation that is not described in these rules shall be subject to FirewoodFX’s decision.
  24. FirewoodFX reserves the right to alter, update, or cancel this promotion with a notification in the Company news.
Deposit Bonus
Deposit Bonus

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Start an Account and Receive the BonusObtain the Bonus

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