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Exploring the Benefits of BitEclipse Special Bonus Program

Explore the advantages of BitEclipse’s Special Bonus Program and how it can help you save money. Unique Incentive Plan, In order to receive the bonus, one must complete the SMS and ID verification process first.

It is not permitted for a single individual to have more than one account.

Verification Via Text Message

Verification of identity through short message services (SMS) is becoming increasingly popular. This method of authentication is efficient and can be used to quickly confirm the identity of a user.

Receive a dollar for confirming your phone number by text message.

BitEclipse Verifying Identity

Verifying one’s identity is an important step in many processes. It is necessary in order to confirm the accuracy of a person’s information. This verification is often done through a variety of methods such as showing identification cards or providing personal information.

Receive $2 for confirmation of identity

(Examples include passport or national identification card)

Invite Your Pals

Let your friends know about this great opportunity by referring them to us!

Refer a friend and you’ll both receive a $5 reward when they make their first trade.

Making use of the IB TOOL is recommended.

Earn with a Deposit

Earn $3 on the first deposit you make!

The Way to Accumulate: Exchanging

For the first exchange, receive a dollar!

Exchange Made Simple to Gain Rewards

Receive a dollar for the inaugural effortless transaction!

Make Money Through Easy Reserve

Receive a dollar for your initial Easy Reserve transaction.

Acquiring Money Through Transfers

Earn $1 on your initial money transfer!

Invest in BET or BEX

When you make your initial BET or BEX purchase, you’ll receive $1 in return.

Generating Revenue through Trade

You can receive $3 for your initial trade, regardless of what it is.

Gaining an Income Through Forex Trading

Receive a dollar for the initial Foreign Exchange Transaction

Gaining Through Commodities

For the first COMMODITY transaction, receive a dollar!

Utilize Index Contracts for Difference to Generate Revenue

Receive a dollar for the initial INDEX CFD Trade.

How to Gain Through Trading Crypto (CFD)

Score a dollar for your first CFD Crypto Trade!

Possibility to Receive SPOT Tokens

You can obtain one dollar for the initial transaction of a SPOT token.

Chance to Accrue

Receive three-dollar compensation for the initial transaction using OPTION.

Generate an Income with Binary Trading

Receive a $3 bonus for your initial BINARY transaction!

Obtaining Revenues by Engaging in Direct Trade from Buyer to Buyer

Receive a $5 reward for completing a successful DIRECT C TO C agreement.

Making Money via Loans

Lending can be an avenue to gain an income.

Receive a dollar upon the completion of your first loan transaction.

Opportunities to Gain through APIs

Receive five dollars for your first transaction via API

Receive $5 for the initial use of the Trade Tool.

Reap Profits Through Copy Trading

Receive a five-dollar reward for your first Copy Trade action.

Revenue Generation through MAM

Receive five dollars for the first time you use MAM.

Earning with NFTs

Score a $5 bonus with your first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) transaction.

Achieving a Higher Position in Order to Generate Profit

Receiving a $3 reward for achieving a TOP25 Ranking-In

Finish All Assignments

You can receive a ten-dollar bonus for completing all the missions.

Different Reward Program

Encourage your buddy to join BitEclipse and receive a commission that will last a lifetime!

Claim your bonus when you log in to our website!

Are you the owner of BET? If so, you can receive one BTM token every day just by signing in!

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